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January 19, 2013

Re: TV advertised coins; Order # 54707201252320591

Dear N.E.M.:

I am returning the above numbered order of: Grenada Stamp, Tuvalu Stamp, World Stamps honoring President Obama, and Obama dollar and quarter colorized w/disp.

*WOSGDA *WOSTUV 1 WOS900 5 20BAMDLX Total $184.65.00

I saw an ad on TV, and thinking I would be spending $30.00, I called.

The recorded phone message was a complete scam. I am sure that thousands, maybe tens, even hundreds of thousands of people are sucked in by its clever techniques.

1. The original offer of $30.00 was only mentioned once.

2. Packaging (velvet box, plastic casing etc.) was offered for $12.00. It was never suggested that this was PER ITEM. (more than the price of each item)

3. Other items were offered quickly, with simple price tacked on at the end.

4. There was no summary, no subtotal, no offer to rescind the order. There was no time for the caller to even take a breath, consider the offer, recall what was offered.

5. The caller was bombasted by a fast and cleverly worded barrage of salesmanship.

I must have given you my card for payment before all the other stuff was added. Or at least before anything was added up. In fact, the first time I saw the entire sum for this feckless purchase was in the enclosed invoice. (Shipping and handling was $54.70!)

I insist on a refund, including your outrageous shipping and handling fee, based on false advertising on TV, confounding monolog by phone, and false shipping charges. I have not touched the merchandise. I expect to see this refunded to my account by mid-February, or I will take this complaint high enough to find justice.

Monetary Loss: $185.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada #605432

Thank you! I was about to order a diecast car from this company but thanks to your website, I will not do so now, or ever!

The internet does give protection and power to the consumer.

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