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i ordered cars called the fabulous four. these were four ford cars from the 50's.

the order was paid for and confirmed. these cars were to be a gift to a friend who is in a nursing home and wheel chair bound. he has been a ford fanatic his whole life, and one of the models i ordered he actually owned back in the 50's. what this compay sent me were 5 trucks from the 20's!

plus they thru in a pin with mt hood on it as a bonus! two of these trucks i did'nt order were duplicates! i contacted customer service and was told to send the models back. when i asked if they were going to pay for the return shipping, their responce was to offer me an additional $12.00 off of models i don't want!

i refused their offer and i haven't heard from them since.

what a way to treat a paying cusdtomer. i will keep an eye on my credit card bill for unauthorized charges that this company seems to have a habit of billing.

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I've typed this three times. I have been a good customer of National Mint for decades but now I find no advertisements,no cars.

I called them and I was told that I had everyone of their items.

UNBELIEVEABLE!!! I found many I didn't have so I guess they are redoing their faithful customer list and I'm not on it.


waiting for catalog


i have been waiting for a CATAlog to be sent to me

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