National Motor Museum Mint - after making HUGE mistake of placing an order based on TV offer, I cannot get rid of these people - they keep sending me more stuff without being ordered and billing my credit card initially supplied.

I have now had my card BLOCK these people,, and I intend to contact the better business bureau - those of us who are being harrassed and robbed by these people need to fight back and spread this word.

I expect they will change to a different name that has a good sound to those like me, who have not had this happen to them yet.

What has happened to simple, old HONEST businesses? These people need to be PUNISHED by whatever means available.

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Amazing - from their site, same item in 2 places. One is $29.98, from another page you get it for $39.98. And the $0 shipping is bogus - they'll charge you.


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20x50 High-Powered Binoculars $29.98 1 $29.98

20X50 High-powered Binoculars $39.98 1 $39.98

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Insured Delivery $1.49

Final Total $71.45


Call the President of Lipenwald (they own all these companies in Wallingford, and in Norwalk.)

His name is Marty Lipset

his phone is 203-852-0001 x 202

Leave him messages w/ your complaints.

Please join me in trying to help him understand that we won't take his scamming any more.


Oh,,Tenisha? I was told (promised) she'd call me right back about my returned POS binoculars (they sent me 2 pair, charged me different prices). 13 phone calls, over 5 hours of "on hold" time, and I still am out almost $100.

These guys suck. Amazing business model....sell ***, over-ship, send more ***, then tell your customer service people to BS, lie, and never call you back.



Yes we know how that is. Has happened to my Mom of age 92.

Just talked to a Tisha and she said she was the only one there.?? I wonder!!

She did not order the last cars I droped them back in mail "return to sender" unopened!!!! They sure take advantage.

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