National Motor Museum Mint - Charged for junk gold coins

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I ordered 5 of these gold coins online on 6/1 for 63.90 with a 13.90 shipping.There was a transaction on 6/5 but not knowing where the money was going i called around and found out it was this company. I was ok with it at first but then there was another transaction on 6/7 for 3 gold coins at 29.90 and 9.90 shipping.

At this point I was not happy and I called them and told them to cancel the order and also got the famous " well it has already been shipped" so I told them not to use my card ever again and i do not want anything else from them. When i got the coins i shipped them back and on 6/27 i had a refund of 70 dollars so i was ok atleast i had received something. But the craziest thing is on 7/7 there was another transaction of 126.50 from them and i call my card company to cancel the trans but as you all know if they have all your card info they cant cancel the transaction. I call the company and asked them to cancel this and reminded them that I told them not to use my card and they said the coins I ordered where on back order??

That is enough to *** you off right so what do you do lol call the dept of justice and the local att general in norwalk ct.

After 3 hrs on the phone and calling and calling them they gave and told me they where refunding me the money and never to call them again. Lol if you have a brain in your head you will never contact this company not even for a glass of water!!

Monetary Loss: $24.

National Motor Museum Mint - Non-existent customer service

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I ordered a car for Dad for Christmas 2012. 3 months later I keep getting cars, I can not cancel my account, and they keep charging my credit card.

It has been a virtual nighhtmare. DO NOT under any circustances order anything from these people. I am going to have to cancel the credit card in order for the mayham to stop. Buyer Beware!!!!!

And on top of everything else, the quality of the cars are total junk, plastic *** from China.

If you are watching one of their ads on TV, switch channels. If you have a telephone in your hands dailing their number, smash your phone. I am telling you, that I have never dealt with a bigger rip-off company in the United States.

Email me anytime for more details, it only gets worse...

Review about: Unauthorized Charges.

Monetary Loss: $37.

National Motor Museum Mint - No where to complain

Miami, Florida 1 comment

for months now i have been receiving cars and charges on my credit card for something that i never ordered!!! i have tried returning them, calling the company, sending emails and nothing!!!! i dont know how they got my information or how to stop them. I have put a dispute with my bank for the charges but they keep sending the cars!!!!

i have attempted to communicate with them so many times that i even wonder if they really have an office or not. i dont know what else to do but dispute with my bank-contact the BBB or write on this website...


Review about: Unauthorizes Charges.

Monetary Loss: $279.


Columbus, Ohio, United States #783137

Report them to the Attorney General!

National Motor Museum Mint - LEGENDARY MUSCLE CARS

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when i first started ordering y'all took parade in how your box look this last looked a mess! why you stop putting a CERTIFCATE OF AUTHENTICITY for each car,now one it"s two cars so two cards.

you went up up price than took away the envelope,whats up with that! pay more get less right got plenty cars haven"t seen nothing to put them in.

I've got History or Chevrolet, Cadillac Classics display case why there"s none for the muscle cars. would like too display all my cars no case to put in can"t show them off give me what i am use to!

Review about: Ship.

National Motor Museum Mint - Ripped off by Motor Mint

Honolulu, Hawaii 0 comments

I ordered two vehicles from this company on Dec. 11, 2012 and I STILL HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT!!

The female that I spoke to on Dec. 30th said that the order was not processed when I see on my invoice that it was shipped on 12/17/2012 and expected delivery on 12/27-31/2012. She was not only incompetent but clueless to what professionalism is and to top if off she blamed it on the office person in charge of emails.(who wasn't in)

My husband called and spoke to a man who said the order was processed and shipped on 1/23/2013. Because there is still no items received my husband called again on 2/2/2013 to have that same female say it was shipped and to be received on 1/27/2013.

WHERE IS IT????? These people should be shut down and will be.

Review about: Unauthorizes Charges.

Monetary Loss: $37.

National Motor Museum Mint - Model cars


I recently ordered model replicas of the 1931 Model A Pickup and the 1925 Ford Model T Pickup. I have received the models and am happy with them.

However, I was offered the chance to receive and review several additional models. I rejected all offers. I have contacted my credit card company (discover) to dispute the claim (charges).

I will return the package unopened when it arrives, and will expect a full refund of the charges $36.90 to my credit card account. Coincedentaly

the initial order was addressed to my son, who did not order it; I did.

Review about: Model Car.

Monetary Loss: $37.

National Motor Museum Mint - TV ad for $30.00 turned out $129.95 + $54.70 Shipping & Handling. Demand Refund.

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January 19, 2013

Re: TV advertised coins; Order # 54707201252320591

Dear N.E.M.:

I am returning the above numbered order of: Grenada Stamp, Tuvalu Stamp, World Stamps honoring President Obama, and Obama dollar and quarter colorized w/disp.

*WOSGDA *WOSTUV 1 WOS900 5 20BAMDLX Total $184.65.00

I saw an ad on TV, and thinking I would be spending $30.00, I called.

The recorded phone message was a complete scam. I am sure that thousands, maybe tens, even hundreds of thousands of people are sucked in by its clever techniques.

1. The original offer of $30.00 was only mentioned once.

2. Packaging (velvet box, plastic casing etc.) was offered for $12.00. It was never suggested that this was PER ITEM. (more than the price of each item)

3. Other items were offered quickly, with simple price tacked on at the end.

4. There was no summary, no subtotal, no offer to rescind the order. There was no time for the caller to even take a breath, consider the offer, recall what was offered.

5. The caller was bombasted by a fast and cleverly worded barrage of salesmanship.

I must have given you my card for payment before all the other stuff was added. Or at least before anything was added up. In fact, the first time I saw the entire sum for this feckless purchase was in the enclosed invoice. (Shipping and handling was $54.70!)

I insist on a refund, including your outrageous shipping and handling fee, based on false advertising on TV, confounding monolog by phone, and false shipping charges. I have not touched the merchandise. I expect to see this refunded to my account by mid-February, or I will take this complaint high enough to find justice.

Monetary Loss: $185.


Toronto, Ontario, Canada #605432

Thank you! I was about to order a diecast car from this company but thanks to your website, I will not do so now, or ever!

The internet does give protection and power to the consumer.

National Motor Museum Mint - R King

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I ordered 2 sets of the die cast truck/car sets almost 1 full year ago. It was one of the TV advertisements for one of the Mint Companies.

The money was taken off of my credit card and I have NEVER received the product. Nor have I been able to get a living person on the phone to find out about my order.

I want my credit card credited or I wanted the merchandise that I paid for delivered to my door. I don't think that it should be legal for these companies to sell things on TV or on the internet without having to give a number for a living contact.

Review about: Model Car.

Monetary Loss: $55.



Shut this place down. Idiots!

National Motor Museum Mint - Won't refund money

Omaha, Nebraska 0 comments
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Ordered their trucks and shipping was more than trucks and when we tried to back out of the order it went ahead and ordered so had to wait when the office opened the next morning to try and cancel and they told us they had already shipped to send back Refused when they come and they would refund the money, WRONG!!!! that was almost 3 months ago and when you call customer service they are extremely RUDE so stay FAR AWAY!!!!!! Tried several times to finally get someone at customer service and when we did they said they had returned the money but it has NOT been returned so again DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!

Review about: Model Car.

Monetary Loss: $25.

National Motor Museum Mint - This company is a rip-off

Cincinnati, Ohio 3 comments
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i ordered cars called the fabulous four. these were four ford cars from the 50's.

the order was paid for and confirmed. these cars were to be a gift to a friend who is in a nursing home and wheel chair bound. he has been a ford fanatic his whole life, and one of the models i ordered he actually owned back in the 50's. what this compay sent me were 5 trucks from the 20's!

plus they thru in a pin with mt hood on it as a bonus! two of these trucks i did'nt order were duplicates! i contacted customer service and was told to send the models back. when i asked if they were going to pay for the return shipping, their responce was to offer me an additional $12.00 off of models i don't want!

i refused their offer and i haven't heard from them since.

what a way to treat a paying cusdtomer. i will keep an eye on my credit card bill for unauthorized charges that this company seems to have a habit of billing.

Review about: Model Car.



I've typed this three times. I have been a good customer of National Mint for decades but now I find no advertisements,no cars.

I called them and I was told that I had everyone of their items.

UNBELIEVEABLE!!! I found many I didn't have so I guess they are redoing their faithful customer list and I'm not on it.


waiting for catalog


i have been waiting for a CATAlog to be sent to me

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