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I recently received their 1918 Model T ambulance. Very nicely made model but unfortunately not very accurate. I have a copy of the original blueprints front the Ford museum in Detroit. They don't match. It appears that they put the ambulance body from the 1917 on a 1918 T. Naturally there is no response from the company. I am in the middle of building a full scale 1918 from the original blueprints and had hoped to have a sort of quick reference... Read more

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On 04/27/15 I ordered some Die Cast Cars from this company and on 04/28/15 I received an Email stating that my order has been submitted to their fulfillment dept and that my bank would not be charged until the order is ready for shipment on 04/29/15 my bank acct was charged $96.49 However, I still have not received anything from them EXCEPT $10.00 was sent back to my account. I have sent them several emails and made several calls (all you get is... Read more

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Do not under any circumstances buy from this company! My order was never delivered. I phoned and they said they had never received the order, although I had a copy and the money had gone from my account. They advised e-mail - I received no reply. I phoned again and I was told that the item I had ordered hadn't been sold for over a year. I was advised to wait for a reply. I wrote and sent copies of the order - and received no reply. Now I have to... Read more

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Almost 2 years ago i got an offer for the collection of "HISTORY OF THE CHEVY". Every month i recieved my set of cars on time from the first shipment of 2 cars each month to the 11th shipment. There are 12 shipments. For the past year, I have been calling Motor Mint and every representitive I spoke to, I keep getting the same answer, " THEY ARE ON BACK ORDER ". I then told them a collection is not a collection without the complete set. ... Read more

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I keep getting cars that I did not order. I tried to contact them by phone...No answer. Then I tried by E-mail. Can't even get through because they say my Zip Code is not right. Well it is. It's been the same for years. How else do I contact them? Very angry.And now I see I have a certain amount of words I have to use before I can submit this. I will never buy from them again. I will have them take me off all of their ways of communication if... Read more

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I did get in contact with a representative fairly quickly,but her professional attitude was lacking severly.She had to have been a new hire,it took her several minutes to find my name,her excuse was i had two accounts,,ok,two ways to find me???She asked what i needed,and i told her i wanted to return a 1922Ford p/u that I did not order,,along with a truck that i did order.After a few more minutes she said that i could return the p/u and i asked... Read more

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I called the 203-857-3800 three times and on each try got a disconnect, tried two different toll free numbers, one asked three questions and when I would respond to the third as no. I was disconnected, other toll free number after a quick responded that it was no longer in service. Mdse received on Order#42672403 Acct. #203758442 12-13-13 was not what I expected and for that reason wish to return 1969 Dodge Superbee and 1969 Ford Mustang as... Read more

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The box I was suppose to receive three vehicles in was completely busted open and crushed. There was no invoice with the box, and the only car I did get is the one that is suppose to be free. the 69 Camaro....I did not get to review the 69 SuperBee, or the 69 Mustang....I am very upset. If there are any questions about this package, you can call my POSTMASTER at 304-664-8043, I picked this package up completely destroyed, and missing two... Read more

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Have called three times to cancel my account, and each time the phone rep confirms it's cancelled. Then, the next month, here comes more stuff. They also put me into another automatic delivery of classic trucks that I never approved, trying to cancel that one, too.Have called three times to cancel my account, and each time the phone rep confirms it's cancelled. Then, the next month, here comes more stuff. They also put me into another... Read more

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I ordered 5 of these gold coins online on 6/1 for 63.90 with a 13.90 shipping.There was a transaction on 6/5 but not knowing where the money was going i called around and found out it was this company. I was ok with it at first but then there was another transaction on 6/7 for 3 gold coins at 29.90 and 9.90 shipping. At this point I was not happy and I called them and told them to cancel the order and also got the famous " well it has already... Read more

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